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The best CCIE training programs in the world demand high quality CCIE mock labs where students can turn knowledge into practical skills. What makes for a quality CCIE mock lab? What should you look for as a student who is in the market for the best hands-on training that money can buy? Here’s what to look for:

The Latest Equipment

Some training programs try to get by using out-of-date equipment that does a poor job of reflecting the hardware you will use come exam time. When choosing a training program, be careful to choose one that provides up-to-date racks, including the most current routers and switches. For example, Cathayschool has recently updated their racks to include new Catalyst 3560 switches and Cisco 2811 routers. The quality of the equipment you use during training not only affects the speed and efficiency at which you can get a network up and running, it affects the level of confidence you have in your skills. In addition, you want your training experience to simulate your lab exam as closely as possible. By training on only the most up-to-date equipment, you are helping to ensure a seamless transition from your training experience to your lab exam.

Relevant Scenarios

Cisco has strict standards for the type of lab scenarios that can be used during training, but the mock lab experience should mirror the real exam as closely as allowed by Cisco. Some training programs fail to update the lab exercises when Cisco releases new blueprints. The result? Students are left to practice out-of-date scenarios that do little to prepare them for the real lab exam. The solution is to make certain that the CCIE mock labs you will be using are updated in accordance with the most recent changes to certification requirements. Cathayschool has done just that. With the announcement that Cisco would be updating their ccie lab exam to reflect new standards, Cathayschool made certain that all of the available coursework was in alignment with these updates.


The best CCIE mock labs in the world will do you little good, if you do not have the proper instruction to accompany it. Qualified, experienced instructors are an essential component of the lab experience. Without their necessary guidance, you might be practicing the same mistakes again and again! Look for a training program such as one of the Cathayschool Boot Camps with instructors who can give you one-on-one, customized support. Their knowledge, patience, and experience are crucial to your success in the mock lab and on the lab exam.


When you are learning new skills with the goal of mastery, practice is the name of the game. For that reason, CCIE mock lab need to be accessible to you throughout your training experience. Cathayshool understands this necessity and makes racks available for your use from 9AM until 10PM every day of training. And if you require more practice time after your training is complete, we can easily accommodate that request.

The Best All-Around CCIE Mock Labs Available

When choosing a training program, you want a school that has it all when it comes to its CCIE mock labs. Cathayschool delivers on that promise: the best equipment, relevant, up-to-date scenarios, personalized instruction, and plenty of available hands-on practice time in the lab. With other schools, you might have to sacrifice quality instruction for great mock labs or give up crucial practice time in the lab in order to get the price you want. With Cathayschool, you never have to compromise your standards of excellence.

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