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With so many CCIE prep courses out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Sometimes it’s hard to sift through all of the possibilities, but if you do, you’ll discover that not all CCIE courses are the same. The best CCIE training will always have the following:

Customized Instruction

Every one who enrolls in a CCIE prep course, comes in with different strengths, weaknesses, skill sets, and work experience. There simply could never be one cookie-cutter approach that works for everyone—it would be impossible! That’s why schools like Cathayschool recognize the absolute necessity for one-one-one training. Together, you and your instructor will uncover the topics that give you the most trouble and the scenarios that require the most practice. You’re fully supported throughout the entire training process. Without instruction that is personalized to fit your learning needs, you’re stuck with standardized training that leaves you needing more—more practice, more feedback, and more value for your dollar.

Great Instructors

Hand in hand with customized instruction go great ccie instructors. You can’t have one without the other! So, be diligent when researching a CCIE prep course, and choose a school that only offers the best of the best. You want experienced instructors, patient instructors, and instructors that know the material on the exams backwards and forwards. At Cathayschool every teacher has an established record of success in helping students pass the exams—usually on the very first try!

Impressive Mock Labs

Sure, most training programs are likely to have racks on which you can train. But dig deeper. Is the equipment as up to date as possible? Are the scenarios that you are being asked to practice the same type of scenarios that you will face on the real ccie lab exam? The correct answer to both of these questions better be a resounding, “Yes.” Without the most current equipment and lab exercises, most of your practice will be for naught. Why waste valuable time and money, when Cathayschool offers impressive mock labs that you can readily access throughout your CCIE prep experience?

Current and Well-Written CCIE Prep Materials

There’s a wealth of written material available for those hoping to become a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, but a great deal of it is authored by pseudo-professionals with little knowledge or practical experience. The materials provided by Cathayschool are guaranteed to be expertly-written with scenarios and configurations that are highly applicable to the most current exam. Cisco won’t let us reveal all of their secrets, but we can provide you with CCIE prep materials that will ensure that you are confident and skilled when you take the written and lab exams.

A Comfortable and Stimulating Learning Environment

Another component that is easy to under-value is whether your CCIE prep course offers a comfortable and motivating learning environment. Cathayschool is proud of its facilities, including its comfortable classroom setting and modern labs. In addition, we also offer comfortable accommodations in an interesting and historic city, along with a Hospitality Crew that is there to make your training as enjoyable as possible. Before choosing a CCIE school, make sure that you know exactly where you will be doing your training. Attempting to master skills in crowded classrooms and old-school labs is no way to spend your time and money.

These five components are essential to your success. Don’t sell yourself short by choosing a CCIE prep course that doesn’t offer you precisely what you need to succeed. Cathayschool is the total package!

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