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Manual Summaries and the AS_PATH Path Attribute

As covered in the last several pages, a router can add entries to its BGP table using the network command and route redistribution. Additionally, BGP can use manual route summarization to advertise summary routes to neighboring routers, causing the neighboring routers to learn additional BGP routes. BGP manual summarization with the aggregate-address command differs significantly from using the auto-summary command. It can summarize based on any routes in the BGP table, creating a summary of any prefix length. It does not always suppress the advertisement of the component subnets, although it can be configured to do so.

The aggregate route must include the AS_PATH PA, just like it is required for every other NLRI in the BGP table. However, to fully understand what this command does, you need to take a closer look at the AS_PATH PA.

The AS_PATH PA consists of up to four different components, called segments, as follows:

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