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Door-to-Door Coach - The Flying Instructor Service

Get professional CCIE Tuition wherever you are!

Course Highlights:

*A personal instructor can fly nearly anywhere in the world to teach at your chosen location.
*You will experience our cutting-edge mock labs, reflecting the current lab exam
*The Door-to-Door Coach program is ideal for those who need one-on-one in-person instruction but are unable to travel to our location.

Why Door-to-Door Coach?

We understand that not everyone is able to travel. Some may have pressing work or personal issues keeping them close to home, others may be reluctant to travel to China, and still others may simply dislike plane travel. Our instructors are able to travel to most locations, including the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Turkey, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, and Germany, among many others. We are ready and willing to travel anywhere you need our on-site assistance.


Some companies only offer on-site training when a large number of students are in need of services, we provide this service to anyone who needs our help, even if there is just one student. On-site training is convenient and specifically tailored to your individual needs. Because we do not require you to gather a group together, training for a single student can begin as soon as he or she is ready. Our trainers can provide real-world solutions to your organization's needs as the student gains the skills he or she needs to pass the CCIE Lab Exam.

Travel and Accommodations

Our instructors are willing to travel across the globe to help ensure students are fully prepared to pass their CCIE Lab Exams. To this end, we ask that students pay the airfare and accommodation costs for our instructors. If students prefer, our instructor may also stay in the student's homes when there is a vacancy. We also ask that students assist our instructors with any necessary visa assistance. An invitation letter from the student's employer is also recommended.

Course Details

Students will receive training for up to 12 hours a day, during which time they will practice current labs using CathaySchool's rack via remote access or the rack setup in your home or company. Our instructor will facilitate learning as students master the best solution to the labs. Students will receive intensive one-on-one, focused training that will help them correct weaknesses, and our instructors will provide test-taking skills and exam tips to help each student maximize his or her personal potential.

Our instructor will continue offering support from the time the official training concludes until the student passes the CCIE Lab Exam.

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