Network Robustness

A robust network can withstand outages and keep applications running smoothly. Router redundancy on LAN segments is required to maintain communication in the event of a router failure. Hosts on the IPv4 LAN, however, are very likely to rely on a single default router to communicate to hosts on a...

Local SPAN Overview

A local SPAN session is an association of source ports and source VLANs with one or more destinations. You configure a local SPAN session on a single switch. Local SPAN does not have separate source and destination sessions. Local SPAN sessions do not copy locally sourced RSPAN VLAN traffic from sou...

Designing Servers to Support Management Processes

Servers supporting management processes should be robust and secure. They have been put in place to collect and process data that is required to maintain the integrity of the network. You should place the servers in physically secure locations where they can run without being interrupted. The opera...

Forcing Ingress Multicast Replication Mode (Optional)

The MVPN feature supports only ingress multicast replication mode. If the switch is currently configured for egress replication, it is forced into ingress replication when the first MVRF is configured. This change in replication mode automatically purges all forwarding entries in the hardware, tempo...

MVPN Configuration Guidelines and Restrictions

When configuring MVPN, follow these guidelines and restrictions: ? All PE routers in the multicast domain need to be running a Cisco IOS software image that supports the MVPN feature. There is no requirement for MVPN support on the P and CE routers. ? Support for IPv4 multicast traffic must also b...

Multicast Distribution Trees

The MVPN feature establishes at least one multicast distribution tree (MDT) for each multicast domain. The MDT provides the information needed to interconnect the same MVRFs that exist on the different PE routers. MVPN supports two MDT types: ? Default MDT

Ethics of Penetration Testing

Imagine that you were asked by your neighbors to steal the bicycle of their child. The child does not know that you are going to attempt to steal it, but the parents want to judge how difficult it would be if someone were to try to steal it. You know that stealing is illegal, and you wonder if it is...

Preparing for the Test

After you have chosen a penetration testing vendor, follow these guidelines to prepare for the test: Familiarize the firm with your security policy

Policies and Procedure Definition

It is impossible to successfully manage routers without clear policies and procedures. The policies need to document who is responsible for various levels of management and when they are responsible. They need to document when changes can be made to router configurations. The procedures document ho...

Choosing a Penetration Testing Vendor

After you or your company makes the decision to use a penetration testing vendor, the next step is to choose the appropriate vendor. The factors you should consider are as follows: Confirm liability insurance

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