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Cisco CCIE Security Training

A full 28 days of tuition - ideal if you need extensive practice and study time

Course Highlights:

*Appropriate for candidates needing more extensive hands-on practice and study time

*Highly qualified instructors providing one-on-one training

*Up-to-date content based on the most current version of the actual labs

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Candidates who need to improve and strengthen their skills can receive targeted training on the various scenarios in the most recent version of the CCIE Security Lab Exam. In-depth instruction will sharpen candidates' skills as they maximize their existing knowledge base and focus on weak spots while enjoying hands-on access to our racks. By the time you are ready to take your CCIE Security Lab Exam, you will be confidently prepared to pass it.

Course Schedule

Week One:

Your first week will be spent receiving one-on-one instruction in every CCIE Security Lab Exam topic. Our mock labs contain information based on the most current CCIE Security3.0 Lab Exam blueprints. Your instructor will share test-taking strategies and preparation techniques to help you prepare for the coming weeks of instruction and practice.

Weeks Two Through Four:

Extensive hands-on training, combined with time management techniques and a special focus on weak spots will prepare you for the complex scenarios in our mock labs. Working through scenarios on your own in our state-of-the-art replica CCIE Security lab environment will give you valuable experience, as you maximize your own personal strengths. Your instructor is prepared to act in the role of a proctor: clarifying, assisting, and answering questions.

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