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CCIE Service Provider Lab Boot Camp (5 Days 1-on-1)

Up-to-date mock labs to help you pass at 1st attempt

Course Highlights:

- You will experience our mock labs reflecting the most current updates of the actual Service Provider labs.

- You will gain valuable knowledge and experience, strengthen your personal weaknesses, and become well-versed in test-taking strategies that will maximize your potential..

- This course is recommended for those CCIE candidates who have taken but not yet passed the CCIE SP lab exam.

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5-Day Lab Experience Boot Camp

CathaySchool's 5-Day Lab Experience Boot Camp is the fast-track program to give you the knowledge, confidence, and experience you need to pass your CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam and start your new career path, all within just weeks. Your personal instructor will provide you with one-on-one training, and you will have access to the most advanced mock labs in existence. We give you the tools you need to pass the latest versions of the CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam, allowing you to gain the knowledge you need to get on with your life.


Our 1-Week Lab Experience Boot Camp combines personalized one-on-one instruction by highly skilled trainers with the most current mock labs available for targeted learning and highly focused, customized education.

Program Highlights

*Your owned CCIE Service Provider instructor
*An incredible 90 percent of our students pass their exams after just one try!
*A full five days of one-on-one instruction and hands-on experience

* Course ware and rack hardware is exclusively focused on CCIE SP V4.0
*Every student has access to their own CCIE SP rack
*Free beverages and snacks help keep students focused and energized all day long.

Course Schedule

Our program has been designed with the understanding that the CCIE SP Lab Exam is demanding and requires updated, specialized knowledge. We work to strengthen your existing knowledge, improve your weaknesses and test your new skills in a challenging hands-on environment. Our instructors will not waste valuable time lecturing but will help you hone your abilities as you troubleshoot and efficiently and accurately configure equipment.

Days One through Four

You will spend your first four days working through mock lab exams while your instructor stands at the ready to answer questions, grade your work, and provide feedback and a score report so that you better understand the areas needing concentrated effort. When errors occur, you will be shown the correct way to complete tasks and guided as needed. You will then be able to work through the lab again or move on to the next one.

Our instructors do not simply provide test answers; we help students work through problems on their own as they would on the real exam or in a real-life situation. CathaySchool instructors have one goal: We want you to fully comprehend the procedures, requirements, and solutions so that you can work through them on your own.

Day Five

You will receive detailed feedback on your score reports, and your instructor will ensure you understand equipment configurations and solutions. You will also receive our proven test-taking strategy information as well as the most recent set of the CCIE Service Provider labs and solutions, allowing you to confidently walk into the real exams knowing you have what it takes to succeed.

Class Eligibility

*Candidates who will be taking their test within six weeks of class completion will benefit most from this class.
* CCNP-level knowledge and extensive preparation at the CCIE level is a prerequisite.
*Students should have a detailed understanding of the technologies listed on Cisco's CCIE SP V4.0 Blueprint.

Start Dates

Our unique one-on-one training programs allow you to start almost as soon as you are ready. Contact one of our Customer Service Associates today for more details or to schedule your training.

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