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Cathayschool's "Sure Pass" Guarantee


CathaySchool is 100 percent committed to your success with the CCIE Lab Exam. We provide a unique approach to training that includes one-on-one instruction and the best mock labs available. On average, 90 percent of our students pass the very first time they take their exam. That is one of the highest one-time pass rates in the industry!

While we are proud of that success rate, we understand that not every student is going to pass on their first try. We all have “off days.” For this reason, we offer our “Sure Pass” Guarantee to every student of CathaySchool.


Here's How the “Sure Pass” Guarantee works:

We are so sure you will pass your CCIE Lab Exam after completing one of our programs that we offer you our “Sure Pass” Guarantee. Our “Sure Pass” Guarantee provides for continuing support and remote rack access if you do not pass your CCIE Lab Exam on your first try.

If you participated in our 1-Week Lab Experience and do not pass the exam, you will receive a 15 sessions (1 session = 5.5 hrs) of remote rack access and 10 hours of online training at no extra cost. Your personal instructor will continue providing e-mail support as well as updated lab materials and solutions until you pass the exam. We provide a level of support that is simply unheard of in the industry, and this is why our pass rates are so remarkably high!

If you participated in our One-on-One Instructor-Led Boot Camp (10/12/28 Days) and do not pass the lab exam, you will be able to attend our 5-Day Intensive Boot Camp with extensive one-on-one training for an additional five days, free of charge. Because we are committed to your success, we will provide for your accommodations and your meals during this stay. To be eligible for this retake course, you MUST attend the lab exam no later than 6 months after the training AND apply for this course retake within 30 days of your exam failure. 

If you order any Lab Workbook and Lab Workbook Plus product and do not pass the lab exam,you will be compensated with 90 days of lab materials update time and 2 hours of 1-on-1 online training via Cisco WebEX.

If you use any of our online training options and do not pass the lab exam at first attempt, we compensate you with same amount of online training time, rack access hours and lab configuration reviews that you have purchased.

We are confident you won't find a better guarantee anywhere. We are fully dedicated to your helping you pass your exam, which is why we offer you the continued support and personalized training you need to pass your lab exam. We understand that you are making a financial and professional investment, and we support your commitment to the future by committing ourselves to your success.

Contact one of our Customer Support Associates today to learn more or to schedule your CCIE Boot Camp experience today!

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