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Suggestion about your trip to China

On this page, we have listed a few suggestions and recommendations on how to make attending a Boot Camp in China more successful, cost-effective and enjoyable. .

How to make the Boot Camp more successful

Reserve your seat as early as possible. If you register and pay at least 30 days in advance, you can get a 5% early bird discount.
Be mentally prepared to work hard. Our students typically study for 4-5 hours beyond typical class times
Bring a notebook computer with you. This will allow you to connect to the Internet and practice exercises in the Hotel Room.
Carry cash or use a bank transfer to fund the balance of the training fee. To cash travelers' checks, especially over $1000 at one time, is a time-consuming job in China due to the local financial system. It will probably waste you a full afternoon in the bank.
If your schedule permits, try and keep your return flight changeable. It is advisable not to carry an air-ticket in which changing dates is not allowed. Change of date may cost you nothing or up to US $150.

Suggestions to make the Boot Camp even more cost effective

Though our prices are one of the best in the world, it is our objective to keep your overall cost of traveling to China, as low as possible. Following are some suggestions for this.
Go with your friends or colleagues who also need the CCIE training. We offer minimum 10% discount for over 2 participants.
April and October are VERY busy seasons for incoming air traffic to Guangzhou due to the Canton Fair. Make your flight reservations as much in advance as possible Check out the best prices for air travel using your local travel agent and sites such as and
If you are in need of any medical procedure, which is not covered under your medical insurance, you can consider getting it done while you are in China. Chinese doctors and hospitals are known for high quality and low cost treatment. Many of our students have availed medical services, including dental and eye procedures, during and after the Boot Camp and are happy with the results. We can advise you about specific costs if it is of interest to you. Plan a holiday with your partner. some of our participants bring their partner with them for the entire or partial stay. Some of them go on a tour of China after finishing their Boot Camps. Thus, you can have a wonderful holiday in China at a nominal extra cost.
Send money denominated in the currency of your country. Though prices displayed on our site are in US dollars, we accept payment in almost all currencies such as UK Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollars, Swiss Francs, Hong Kong Dollars and Japanese Yen. You can save on exchange rate conversion charges by making payment in your country's currency. Use this link for the current conversion rate:

Suggestions to make your Boot Camp even more enjoyable

It is our objective to pack the Boot Camp with as much fun as possible. We are there to help you organize tours and travels in China. Following are a few suggestions to help you enjoy your visit to the maximum.
Bring along your partner. Many of our students bring along their partners with them and together enjoy the beauty of China.
Learn a little about China before arriving and tell us what you find interesting in China so that we can make suggestions for you.
Try the diverse Chinese cuisine, while you’re here in China. It might take time to develop a taste for some of the spices and flavors of some regions, but it is worth the experience!
Be careful with what you eat in China, just like many other countries. You should drink only bottled water and eat from reliable sources. Our Hospitality Desk will be happy to advise you about this.

We hope that you will find our suggestions useful and we look forward to meeting with you soon.

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