Using the ip default-network Command

RIP and EIGRP can inject default routes by using the ip default-network command. To do so, the following must be true on the local router:

Troubleshooting RIPv2 and RIPng

Two configuration problems common to RIPv2 are mismatched versions and misconfigured authentication. Both difficulties are easy to discover with debugging, as Example 6-29 shows. Example 6-29. Debugging reveals mismatched versions and misconfigured authentication. Jemez#debug ip rip events ...

Network Security Promotes Good Network Design

Although it happens far less often now, I still occasionally sit down with a customer who says, "OK, the network design is done, now we need to think about security. We're certain we need a firewall and have also heard something about IDS." Designing secure networks in this manner puts you on a ...

Adjusting NAT Timers

The router will keep NAT entries in the translation table for a configurable length of time. For TCP connections, the default timeout period is 86,400 seconds, or 24 hours. Because UDP is not connection based, the default timeout period is much shorteronly 300 seconds, or 5 minutes. The router will...

DHCP Static Mapping

To enable the assignment of static IP addresses from a text file, first you must create a static DHCP mapping file on your TFTP server: Freebsd% cat /tftpboot/dhcp.static *time* Aug 17 2006 03:52 PM *version* 2 !IP address       Type    ...

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