Demarcation Point

Finally, in addition to pricing, backbone, and interconnection issues, customers should consider demarcation point (DP) issues when selecting an ISP and executing an agreement. A demarcation point is the point that differentiates the provider's network and responsibilities from the customer's networ...

Revision Control of IOS Configuration Files

All IOS configuration changes should be recorded and, if possible, a reason for each change should be logged. Such revision control may be achieved with a commercial package, such as CiscoWorks; or with public domain software, such as RCS. In the latter case, good results can be achieved simply by f...


In the case of the router-on-a-stick design, traffic flows to the router within the source VLAN where it is routed into the destination VLAN. This created an out and back flow to the router. Technically, the Catalyst 5000 RSM uses a very similar flow, but with one important difference: the stick be...

Protecting Against Sudden Loss of BPDUs

 STP BPDUs are used as probes to learn about a network topology. When the switches participating in STP converge on a common and consistent loop-free topology, BPDUs still must be sent by the root bridge and must be relayed by every other switch in the STP domain. The STP topology

Configuring FRF.5 Network Interworking

This section discusses the configuration tasks required to enable Frame Relay network interworking (FRF.5) on the Cisco router. The network, consisting of four routers and an ATM LS1010 switch, is depicted in Figure 8-15 and is used to illustrate the configuration examples in this section. Note that...

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