Redistribution Using Default Settings

The first example configuration meets the following design goals:

TCP SYN Flood, the Established Bit, and TCP Intercept

A TCP SYN flood is an attack directed at servers by initiating large numbers of TCP connections, but not completing the connections. Essentially, the attacker initiates many TCP connections, each with only the TCP SYN flag set, as usual. The server then sends a reply (with TCP SYN and ACK flags ...

Appliance-Based Network Services

Just about anything these days can be sold as an "appliance." The point, from a marketing perspective, is to promote the fact that the system is easy to use and requires little intervention from the operator. Just like your toaster, you just push down the lever and it works. TIP I like the app...

Mitigating the Detrimental Effects of BGP with MPLS Restart

you learned that the BGP graceful restart mechanism allows a speaker to announce its capability to preserve the BGP-related IP forwarding state across the BGP restart. The BGP with the MPLS graceful restart mechanism[5] extends the BGP graceful restart procedure to MPLS. In essence, during the es...

Multilink Frame Relay Setup and Operation

Now that the main issues and solutions that are raised through implementation of the Multilink Frame Relay feature have been described, you can put the full benefits of this feature into perspective. This section discusses the components of the Multilink Frame Relay feature and explains its setup...

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