The show isis spf-log Command

The show isis spf-log command explains a great deal about the SPF calculations on the router. It reveals the events that triggered SPF for the last 20 occurrences. To display how often, and why, the router has run a full SPF calculation, use the show isis spf-log EXEC command.   Exampl...

Steady-State Operation by Continuing to Send Joins

To maintain the forwarding state of interfaces, PIM-SM routers must send PIM Join messages periodically. If a router fails to send Joins periodically, PIM-SM moves interfaces back to a pruned state. PIM-SM routers choose to maintain the forwarding state on links based on two general criteria:

PIX Deployment Scenarios

The Cisco PIX and ASA VPN capabilities have their roots in Cisco IOS VPN technologies. VPNs were first introduced in the Cisco IOS router product line and then added to the PIXs in an early 5.x release. Like the routers and the concentrators, Cisco PIXs support many VPN solutions including IPsec, PP...

Remote Data Exchange Protocol

The Cisco Intrusion Detection System (IDS) provides an in-depth, self-healing mechanism to provide network administrators a defense against attacks from inside and outside the network. The Cisco definition of a self-healing network is a network that is intelligent enough to stop unwanted traffic and...

Disabling Domain Name Lookups

if you don't configure a valid DNS nameserver, the router sends these queries to the local broadcast IP address, Querying a nonexistent nameserver is not only unproductive, but it can also be quite time consuming if it happens in an interactive session, since the router will not re...

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