OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 Similarities

OSPFv3 shares many features with OSPFv2. OSPFv3 is a link-state routing protocol that uses the Dijkstra shortest path first (SPF) algorithm to select the best paths through the network. OSPFv3 routers are organized into areas, with all areas touching area 0 (the backbone area). OSPFv3 routers commun...

OSPF Design Terms

OSPF design calls for grouping links into contiguous areas. Routers that connect to links in different areas are Area Border Routers (ABRs). ABRs must connect to area 0, the backbone area, and one or more other areas as well. Autonomous System Boundary Routers (ASBRs) inject routes external to OSPF ...

Multicast Open Shortest Path First

MOSPF is defined in RFC 1584,

LDP Control-Plane and Forwarding-Plane Components

The state of an LSP that is established through LDP can be divided into two components: the LDP state (which is maintained in the control plane), and the MPLS forwarding state (which is maintained in the forwarding plane). The exact format of the LDP state or the MPLS forwarding state of an LSP i...

Configuring MPLS over ATM

There are really two solutions to this problem, depending on the capabilities of your ATM switches. The first and conceptually simpler solution is to configure your ATM switch to just pass ATM cells, but not to interact with MPLS at the IP layer. First we will configure the two PE routers to run...

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