An AS using BGP confederations, as defined in RFC 3065, separates each router in the AS into one of several confederation sub-autonomous systems (sub-autonomous systems). Peers inside the same sub-AS are considered to be confederation iBGP peers, and routers in different subautonomous systems are co...

Configuring a Destination as an Unconditional Trunk (Optional)

To tag the monitored traffic as it leaves a destination, configure the destination as a trunk before you configure it as a destination. To configure the destination as a trunk, perform this task: This example shows how to configure a port as an unconditional IEEE 802.1Q trunk: Router(con...

CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine

CiscoWorks WLSE is a centralized network management system for Cisco Aironet solutions. WLSE is a key component of SWAN and consists of the following features:

Snapshot Routing

Snapshot routing is a time-triggered routing update facility that enables a remote "slave" router to learn dynamic routing and service information from a central "master" router during a short active  period.   This learned information is then stored for a user-configurable period...

Using HSRP on Token Ring

You can use HSRP on a Token Ring LAN exactly the same if the only protocol on the segment is IP. However, if you have any other protocols, and particularly if the ring uses any source-route bridging, you must use a slightly different configuration: Router1#configure terminal Enter configurati...

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