Setting Up Multicast Networking

There are three steps to setting up IP multicast routing on a Cisco router: Step 1. Enable multicast routing  Step 2. Turn on PIM in appropriate mode on selected interfaces  Step 3. Set up rendezvous points (RPs)  The following sections describe each step in greater detail.

Case Study: Virtual Private Networks in SuperCom Service Provider Network

As with all complex topics, the MPLS/VPN concepts are best explained through use of a case study. Imagine a service provider (let

Totally Stubby Area

For very large networks, it is quite common to have a large number of areas. It also is not uncommon to have low-end routers in these areas. Therefore, receiving a large amount of summary LSA data is a cause for concern. As a solution, OSPF created the totally stubby area.   As with a ...

Native IOS Mode Configuration

Figure 18-3 extends the discussion in the previous section to present a conceptual diagram of the Catalyst 6000 Native IOS Mode. Figure 18-3. Conceptual Diagram of the MSFC Native IOS Mode   In Figure 18-3, the Gigabit Ethernet ports on the Supervisor (1/1 and 1/2) have been c...

Public Key Infrastructure

In the new digital environment, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) ensures that sensitive electronic communications are private and protected from tampering. It provides assurances of the identities of the participants in those transactions, and prevents them from later denying participation in the t...

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