The EIGRP Topology Table

EIGRP uses three tables: the neighbor table, the topology table, and the IP routing table. The neighbor table keeps state information regarding neighbors, and is displayed using the show ip eigrp neighbors command. EIGRP Update messages fill the routers

EIGRP Reliable Transport Protocol

Five types of EIGRP packets exist, further categorized as reliable packets and unreliable packets. The reliable EIGRP packets are as follows: ? Update

RSVP-DiffServ Integration

RSVP-DiffServ integration provides a translation between RSVP and DiffServ technologies that is intended to leverage the strengths of each model. RSVP is used for bandwidth reservation at the edge of the network (where there are fewer flows and the most bandwidth constraints), but DiffServ is used o...

Mitigating the Detrimental Effects of the BGP Restart

To sum up the earlier discussion, BGP restart causes route flaps, which can lead to transient black holes and increased consumption of link bandwidth and control processor resources. Thus route flaps can degrade the overall network performance. The source of route flaps can be traced back to the ...

Detecting Error Conditions

 By default, a Catalyst switch detects an error condition on every switch port for every possible cause. If an error condition is detected, the switch port is put into the errdisable state and is disabled. You can tune this behavior on a global basis so that only certain causes trigger any p...

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