Choose Between Locally Injected Routes Based on ORIGIN PA

This logic step is seldom used, but it is a valid part of the BGP decision process. To appreciate why it is so seldom needed, consider the following: BGP assigns a weight of 32,768 to routes locally injected into BGP. As a result, a router would have already picked a locally injected route as best b...

Frame-Mode MPLS Data Plane Operation

There are three major steps in the propagation of an IP packet across an MPLS backbone.

Understanding Level 1 and Level 2 Routing

In level 1, IS nodes are based on the ID portion of the address. All level 1 routers route within their own area. They recognize the destination within their area by reading the destination address. If the destination is within the same area, the packet is routed to the destination. If the destinati...

Sending Log Messages to Your Screen

Use the terminal monitor command to enable the displaying of log messages to your VTY: Router#terminal monitor Router# To disable logging to your VTY session, use the following command: Router#terminal no monitor Router# Routers forward all logging messages to their console ports by defau...

Setting Up Frame Relay with Map Statements

In its simplest form, the Frame Relay map configuration involves considerably less typing than the subinterface version of the same configuration: Central#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z. Central(config)#interface Serial0 Central(config)#des...

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