Verifying Rendezvous Points

Even when PIM routing is in place, RPs must be configured correctly to find traffic sources. The command show ip pim rp allows you to inspect the configured RPs and look at the mappings that have been applied. The full command is  Router(config)#show ip pim rp [group-name | group-address | ma...

Passive and Active Mode FTP

FTP clients and servers use the typical TCP/IP client/server model for the FTP control connection, with the client initiating a TCP connection to well-known FTP port 21. FTP transfers commands and command acknowledgements over the this TCP control connection. However, at some point, data needs to be...

The Point-to-Multipoint Model

The point-to-multipoint model is very similar to the point-to-point model. It provides one subnet for an entire cloud, and it maintains host routes to all the routers within the cloud. This also allows the use of non-meshed routers.   TIP   A new command was recently int...

Comparing Wireless and Wired LANs

How exactly does a wireless LAN get integrated with a wired LAN? Where does switching fit into a wireless LAN? Before answering these questions, it might be helpful to see how the two technologies compare. At the most basic level, switched networks involve wires, and wireless networks don

Setting the IP Source Address for SNMP Traps

To set the default IP source address for all traps leaving a router, use the following configuration command: Router#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z. Router(config)#snmp-server host ORATRAP Router(config)#snmp-server trap-source lo...

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