FastEther Channel

FastEther Channel (FEC) is a Cisco method that bundles 100 Mbps FAST ETHERNET ports into a logical link. Because any redundant paths between two switches mean some ports will be in a blocking state and bandwidth will be reduced, Cisco developed FEC to maximize bandwidth use. Figure 2-4 displays a sw...

LAN Topology

Like an OSPF designated router (DR), an IS-IS DIS exists to simulate a point-to-point topology across a multipoint environment. Because of this, a DIS is sometimes called a pseudonode. Despite their similarities, the IS-IS DIS is subtly different from OSPF.  The DIS exists separately at Lev...

IGMPv1 Solicited Host Membership Report

Figure 19-9 shows operation of the IGMPv1 Solicited Host Membership Report process and the Report Suppression mechanism. Figure 19-9 picks up the example from Figure 19-8, in which router R1 had sent an IGMPv1 Query. Figure 19-9 IGMPV1 Solicited Host Membership Report and Report Suppression Proce...

QoS Requirements of the Control Plane

Unless the network is up, QoS is irrelevant. Therefore, it is critical to provision QoS for control-plane traffic, which includes IP routing traffic and network management. IP Routing When addressing the QoS needs of IP routing traffic, the following guidelines are recommended: ?  ...

Core Layer

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