Level of ISP Internet Access Redundancy

Murphy is out there, ready to make your life miserable. Whether because of bad weather, carrier problems, or just plain bad luck, an ISP's connection to a NAP, another provider, or another POP will become unavailable at some point, potentially resulting in the inability to reach all or a set of dest...

OSPF LSA Details

Several types of LSAs exist. This section discusses the nine types of LSAs documented in Table 8-2. Sample MPOA Configuration

This section presents a sample network to summarize the configuration for MPCs and MPSs. Figure 10-9 Sample MPOA Network illustrates the network where two MPCs interconnect through one MPS. Figure 10-9. Sample MPOA Network   The MPCs reside inside of Catalysts equipped with MP...

STP States

 To participate in STP, each port of a switch must progress through several states. A port begins its life in a Disabled state, moving through several passive states and, finally, into an active state if allowed to forward traffic. The STP port states are as follows:

Summarizing Routes in OSPF

Using the area x range configuration command on your ABRs allows you summarize routes between OSPF areas: Router1#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z. Router1(config)#router ospf 55 Router1(config-router)#area 100 range R...

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