Building BGP Neighbor Relationships

BGP neighbors form a TCP connection with each neighbor, sending BGP messages over the connections

RTS/CTS and Fragmentation Summary

Table 22-3 summarizes some of the benefits and drawbacks of both RTS/CTS and fragmentation when trying to improve throughput in a wireless network. Table 22-3 Improving Throughput Using RTS/CTS and Fragmentation    

Overview of Communications History

Networks are now a core component of our business and personal lives. Today, businesses that may hobble along with the loss of telephone service can be rendered nonfunctional by the loss of their data network infrastructure. Understandably, corporations spend a great deal of time and money nur...

Using Named and Reflexive Access-Lists

A basic named ACL is similar to the numbered ACLs that we discussed earlier in this chapter. They can work like either Standard or Extended IP ACLs: Router1#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line.   End with CNTL/Z. Router1(config)#ip access-list ...

hoosing Where to Summarize Routes

EIGRP supports route summarization at any router, unlike OSPF, which requires that summarization be performed only at area border routers (ABR) or autonomous system border routers (ASBR). EIGRP

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