Multicast Listener Discovery Protocol

RFC 2710 defines specifications for the Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) protocol. MLD is derived from IGMPv2 and is designed for IPv6. The operation of MLD is similar to IGMPv2. The major differences between IGMPv2 and MLD are as follows:

Multi-Action Policing

When CB Policing re-marks packets instead of discarding them, the design might call for marking more than one field in a packet. For instance, when transmitting into a Frame Relay cloud, it might be useful to mark both DSCP and FR DE when a packet violates the contract. Marking multiple fields in th...

Protecting Cisco IOS from Intrusion

Now that you have a snapshot of modern security concerns, look at Cisco IOS and the configuration commands you can use to deny intruders the ability to harm valuable network resources that are typically connected behind a Cisco router. In particular, this section covers how you can stop DoS attacks....

Wireless LAN Cells

An AP can provide WLAN connectivity to only the clients within its range. The signal range is roughly defined by the AP

Redistributing Static Routes into RIP

The biggest potential problem that you will encounter with redistributing routes into RIPv1 comes from breaking network class boundaries. This version of RIP is classful, so you have to be rather careful about how you distribute routing information from other sources that may be classless. In the ex...

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