In late 1997, IANA transferred responsibility for IP number administration from Network Solutions, Inc. to ARIN[]. ARIN officially opened for operation on October 22, 1997. ARIN is responsible for the allocation of Internet Protocol (IP) numbers in the following geographical areas: ? North Americ...


An RF signal has characteristics that enable it to be sent from an antenna, through the air medium, and received by another antenna at the destination. RF signals are analog in nature. A computer, though, uses digital signals to represent bits of information. Before transmitting data through the ...

Completion of the Source Registration Process

So far in this description of PIM-SM, a source ( sent packets to, as shown in Figure 20-13

PIX Deployment Scenarios

The Cisco PIX and ASA VPN capabilities have their roots in Cisco IOS VPN technologies. VPNs were first introduced in the Cisco IOS router product line and then added to the PIXs in an early 5.x release. Like the routers and the concentrators, Cisco PIXs support many VPN solutions including IPsec, PP...

QoS over MPLS

For this example, we will take a relatively simple view that the PE router will trust the CE router's DSCP/IP Precedence settings and map them to the MPLS EXP traffic priority field in a simple way. So we will focus on the configuration required on the PE and P routers to make use of this informati...

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