Redistribution Case Studies

The following examples are case studies that pull together the concepts you learned about redistribution. Redistribution involves complex design and configuration considerations. Therefore, it is best to see the various problems and solutions illustrated in context. This section presents three examp...

Discontiguous Subnets

In Figure 5.13, another router has been added to the internetwork with a subnet on its E1 interface. The problem is that the other subnet of network,, is connected to Barney, and the only route between the subnets is via and

Binary Numbering System

As mentioned earlier, computers cannot use the familiar base 10 numbering system. Computers are essentially constructed using millions of devices that can have only two positions

Allocating Static IP Addresses with DHCP

The following commands ensure that the router assigns the same IP address to a device each time it requests one: Router1#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z. Router1(config)#ip dhcp pool IAN Router1(dhcp-config)#host 255.255.255...

Controlling Neighborships Using EIGRP Authentication

EIGRP authentication causes routers to authenticate every EIGRP message. To do so, the routers should use the same preshared key (PSK), generating an MD5 digest for each EIGRP message based on that shared PSK. If a router configured for EIGRP authentication receives an EIGRP message, and the mess...

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