Power-Save Mode

Most radio cards employ an optional 802.11 power-save mode that users can enable. Access points do not implement power-save mode, except for the buffering functions necessary to support powersaving functions of the radio cards. If power-save mode is enabled, the radio card enters sleep mode, which d...

Confidentiality and Security Are Not the Same

Confidentiality and security are not the same. Here is a working definition of the two terms: Confidentiality is the protection of information to ensure that it is not disclosed to unauthorized audiences. Security is the protection of systems, resources, and information from unintended and un...

Configuring a LACP EtherChannel

 To configure switch ports for LACP negotiation, use the following commands: Switch(config)# lacp system-priority priority Switch(config)# interface type mod/num Switch(config-if)# channel-protocol lacp Switch(config-if)# channel-group number mode {on | passive | active} Switch(config-if)#...

Enabling OSPF Neighbor Discovery on LANs

OSPF sends multicast OSPF Hello messages on LAN interfaces, attempting to discover OSPF neighbors, when two requirements are met:


EIGRP uses a concept of a representing each router with a router ID (RID). The EIGRP RID is a 32-bit number, represented in dotted decimal. Each router determines its RID when the EIGRP process starts, using the same general rules as does OSPF for determining the OSPF RID, as follows: Step 1. Us...

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