Route Map match Commands for Route Redistribution

Route maps use the match command to define the fields and values used for matching the routes being processed. If more than one match command is configured in a single route-map clause, a route is matched only if all the match commands

Understanding Summarization

This section describes the process of summarization. Summarization is the technique of grouping IP networks together to minimize advertisements. For instance, imagine that a division's network consisted of the subnets through To advertise each network using a routing p...

MSM Layer 3 Switching

The initial Layer 3 switching engine for the Catalyst 6000 family consisted of the Multi-layer Switch Model (MSM). Based on Catalyst 8510 technology, the MSM provides a router-on-a-stick configuration integrated into the Catalyst 6000 chassis. Therefore, the MSM brings the power of the 8510 to the ...

Configuring Interpacket Delay

Use the output-delay configuration command to adjust the inter-packet delay of the RIP protocol: Router2#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z. Router2(config)#router rip Router2(config-router)#output-delay 10 Router2(config-router)#exit Router2(...

Configuring EIGRP Metric Components (K-values)

EIGRP calculates its integer metric, by default, using a formula that uses constraining bandwidth and cumulative delay. You can change the formula to use link reliability, link load, and even disable the use of bandwidth and/or delay. To change the formula, an engineer can configure five weightin...

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