LSA Types 4 and 5, and External Route Types 1 and 2

OSPF allows for two types of external routes, aptly named types 1 and 2. The type determines whether only the external metric is considered by SPF when picking the best routes (external type 2, or E2), or whether both the external and internal metrics are added together to compute the metric (extern...

Port Security

Switch port security monitors a port to restrict the number of MAC addresses associated with that port in the Layer 2 switching table. It can also enforce a restriction for only certain MAC addresses to be reachable out the port. To implement port security, the switch adds more logic to its normal p...

Telephone System

How is the telephone system similar to the postal and highway systems? The answer to this question can be found by reviewing the properties of the first two systems we examined to see if similarities with the phone system exist. The first property the postal and highway systems have in common is a r...

Debugging NAT

Cisco routers include a simple but useful debug facility for NAT. The basic form of the command is debug ip nat: Router#debug ip nat You can also add the detailed keyword to this command to get more information on each NAT event: Router#debug ip nat detailed It is often useful to use an...

EIGRP Neighborships

Like OSPF, EIGRP uses three major steps to achieve its goal of learning the best available loop-free routes: Step 1. Establish EIGRP neighbor relationships

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