Adding iBGP Routes to the IP Routing Table

Cisco IOS has the same two requirements for adding iBGP routes to the IP routing table as it does for eBGP routes:

Wireless Domain Services

Wireless Domain Services (WDS) is a set of Cisco IOS Software features that enhances and simplifies wireless LAN client mobility, security, deployment, and management. WDS offers the following primary services for SWAN:

Caching Technique Case Study

In previous sections about Cisco switching techniques, we discussed how fast switching is performed, how cache is created from the routing table, and what information is kept in cache. You might be wondering how the cache is populated. During the case study, the text discusses what happens when a pa...

Configuring an Async Serial Interface

Cisco has a class of serial modules that can support either synchronous or asynchronous communications, as required. You can use the physical-layer async command to change the interface from the default synchronous to asynchronous mode: Router3#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one...

Configuring EIGRP Metric Components (K-values)

EIGRP calculates its integer metric, by default, using a formula that uses constraining bandwidth and cumulative delay. You can change the formula to use link reliability, link load, and even disable the use of bandwidth and/or delay. To change the formula, an engineer can configure five weightin...

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