Next-Generation Internet Initiative

The federally funded Next-Generation Internet (NGI) Initiative[] is a multiagency U.S. federal research and development program that is developing advanced network technologies and revolutionary applications and demonstrating these capabilities on testbeds that are 100 to 1,000 times faster end-to-e...

Examining the RP

In the current state of the ongoing example, as last shown in Figure 20-16, the RP (R3) has joined the SPT for source, group The RP also is the root of the shared tree for group Example 20-9 shows both entries in R3

RSVP-TE Control-Plane and Forwarding-Plane Components

Now that the usage of RSVP-TE in MPLS-TE has been reviewed, focus turns to the main topic of this chapter: the RSVP-TE control-plane restart. In this chapter, the term FEC refers to an aggregate of data flows defined in terms of filters such as source IP address and other fields in the packet header...

Frame Relay Forum Implementation Agreement Document Number FRF.5

The functional specifications of network interworking between Frame Relay and ATM are defined in the Frame Relay Forum Implementation Agreement Document Number FRF.5. FRF.5 describes the implementation agreement on PVC network interworking between Frame Relay and ATM protocols, jointly agreed upon b...

Access List Configuration Tasks

Whether you are creating a standard or extended access list, you need to complete the following two tasks: Step 1  Create an access list in global configuration mode by specifying an access list number and access conditions. Define a standard IP access list using a source address and wildca...

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